Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a comprehensive digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics. BIM services encompass a wide range of activities and technologies aimed at creating, managing, and utilizing this detailed digital model throughout a building’s lifecycle, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. See our description of BIM services in link below.

Drafting services involve the creation of detailed technical drawings, plans, and schematics used in various industries, including architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. These drawings serve as essential documentation for designing, visualizing, and communicating ideas and concepts. Our drafters are experienced with 2D and 3D environments with programs such as 3D Max, Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD and Solidworks. See our description of drafting services in link below.

Drawing management is the systematic process of organizing, storing, retrieving, and controlling technical drawings, plans, and related documentation throughout their lifecycle. It is a critical aspect of various industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and facility management. Effective drawing management ensures that accurate and up-to-date drawings are readily available for project stakeholders and helps maintain project integrity and compliance. See our description of drawing management services in link below.

Site surveying, often referred to as a site survey, is a crucial process in various industries, including construction, civil engineering, telecommunications, and facility planning. It involves the systematic assessment and data collection of a specific location, site, or area to gather information necessary for project planning, design, execution or enhanced as-builts. See our description of site surveying services in link below.