About Us​

Fine Line International, Inc. was established in January 2013 with the objective to provide mechanical and electrical drafting services both in 2D or 3D environments. Fine Line has evolved, since their inception, from a drafting company to a centralized hub hosting Building Information Modeling services, Drawing Management and Surveying Services. Fine Line drives to provide continuous integrated innovations for the growing market under one shop.

Our Mission

Our mission is to harmonize our services to efficiently deliver a high quality product, based on the vision of our client, at a competitive cost. In addition, being a resource hub for when the client has a surge demand for man power and advancing computing systems.


We have dedicated our experience in the healthcare industry reaching over 60 hospitals, commercial building, data and communication centres across Canada, which also includes 5 subway stations in the transportation industry, and we continue to expand.

Our Team

The Drafting Network

Andy D.

Director of Operations

Enzo S.

VDC Manager

Daniel V.

BIM Manager

Miodrack R.


Gustavo C.


Franco C.

Senior Drafter

Cesar P.

Senior Drafter

Angie V.


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